About Us

A-Plus Construction works hard to provide people with the best work possible in services like Roofing Wichita Falls TX to total home remodels. For the past 40 years of so, Scott Autin provides the best in customer satisfaction. Whether it’s timeliness on the job, always clearly communicating work or just simply bring his A+ game, the point is, the crew at A-Plus Construction excels with their roofing Wichita Falls TX work.

In fact, read below from Scott Autin himself describing how he got into the business and his background. You will find the his story truly captures everything A-Plus Construction aims to do with their roofing Wichita Falls TX work. For all remodeling projects, know that you’ve got the man with the right plan.


Scott Autin’s Story

I was born in Hammond, La. to military parents. We moved around some during my younger years and eventually landed in Wichita Falls in 1971. I attended Fain Elementary, Barwise Junior High and Graduated from Rider High School in 1979, the year of the big tornado in Wichita Falls. I started in the construction business that summer and continued working in construction even as I enrolled and attended Midwestern State University in the fall. I continued to work in the construction industry during my years at MSU. In 1984 I began roofing on a full time basis, I was married that year and was time to start taking care of a family. Within a couple of years I began running my own crew as a subcontractor for established roofing companies. I learned a lot over this time and in 1994 I opened my own roofing company which I ran successfully for over 9 years. I built the company from a small startup to an annual income of two million dollars a year. I developed some medical issues that eventually led me to close the company in 2003.

After years of fighting health issues that we were unable to nail down the exact cause and nature of, I began to have diminishing problems and by 2006 I was feeling much better and found myself ready and able to return to work. I began working for some local contractors starting and completing residential remodels. As I worked for these contractors I became increasingly frustrated working for other contractors as I saw failures in the way most of them conducted business. I experienced constant delays in production because the contractor would not have materials delivered to the job site in the time frame that it was needed to not interrupt production. I saw disagreements between the contractor and the customer and knew from my observations that most of theses problems were a direct result of a failure in communication. I knew from my past experience that I could do better than that.

In June of 2007 I opened up A-Plus Construction with the goal of providing a high quality product at a reasonable price and complete the projects in a workman like manner and in a timely fashion while maintaining good communication with the customer during the entire duration of the job. We have grown over the years and gained a lot of valuable experience over that time. We have developed new skills over the years and fine tuned those that were already in place to the point that I consider A-Plus Construction to be one of the premier remodel contractors in the Wichita Falls area. We have continued to strive to produce the highest quality product and complete the work in a expeditious time frame.

A-Plus Construction has been in business now for almost 12 years, in that time we have developed a stellar reputation in the community, while completing over a thousand projects in that time we have had a repeat customer rate of nearly half, what this says to me is that we are making happy customers that want to use our services again and again. As the owner of the company it has always been my goal to give the customer the highest quality installation possible while keeping the cost at a level that the average homeowner can afford.

With over 35 years of experience in the construction industry, I have developed a certain skill set that allows me to listen to the customers wants and needs and put together a plan that will help us achieve the desired finished product. Design and color coordination are a couple of the skills that have been developed to high degree and I receive compliments regularly about my design prowess.