A-Plus Construction is able to not only WOW you with their fantastic roofing Wichita Falls TX services, but they excel in tons of other work. From small repair jobs to total home remodels, there are only a few things the crew can’t do for you. On this page, Scott describes just a few of these services and answer three questions will each of these five job types:

  1. What makes this service important for the consumer?
  2. How does A-Plus Construction go about implementing these services?
  3. Why working with A-Plus Construction team will be best for your home?


While you could choose from others in roofing Wichita Falls TX, know that A-Plus Construction has serviced the area for 40 years. Time and time again, Scott gets referred work from his clients and satisfied customers. All you have to do is give a call to Scott Autin at (940) 613-6667. His team is very quick to respond and get started on an affordable estimate for your local project!

Privacy Fencing

Privacy fencing provides added security, privacy and beautification. A little known fact is that installing good fences creates good neighbors. With a fresh new fence, your neighbors will raise their respects for you.

We choose the area or areas that will be fenced and clearly mark out the territory. What type of fencing fits the application needs? What appearance makes the most sense? What type of budget are we working with? These are all very key questions not just with privacy fencing, but also with roofing Wichita Falls TX projects, room additions, deck build-outs and all types of services.

Our fences stand the test of time! We set our fence posts 30” deep in concrete and we will only use heavy wall tubing posts. When installing fence curbing, we install two runs of 3/8” rebar into the length of the curbing and will only use #1 materials when constructing any fence project.

Pergolas and Gazebos

The beautification of the area with pergolas or gazebos create a gathering space for get-togethers and gatherings. It provides some protection from the elements as well incase those social gatherings get an uninvited rain shower.

First step of course is to choose the area the structure will be located in. It’s important to specifically determine this and assure that the clients likes that specific spot. Considering the variety of styles and materials to be used is pivotal as well. Among these concerns include choosing the structure that best fits the customers’ design preference and budget.

We use only the best materials available when constructing our pergolas and gazebos and use screw fasteners instead of nails as the screws will provide better holding power over a longer period of time. We also use the longest lag bolts that we can to secure the structure framing.

Curb Appeal

We provide modernization, beautification, repairs and complete face lifts to the most visible part of the property. Give your house and yard the kind of pop that gets the notice of your neighbors and friends. Added value to the property always sells well and makes your neighbors jealous!

Budgets are a good place to start when considering updating your curb appeal. With a huge variety of styles and materials to choose from we can do the most minimal changes that offer the most pop to full blown all out brand new looks.

Design and giving the customer a large pool of design ideas to pull from plus my own vivid imagination that is always coming up new ideas and ever evolving potential designs.


Flooring is the most used product in the home and because of this it is the most replaced item in the house. We offer the customer the most up to date materials that will fit their application and life style the best while maintain a budget that the customer can afford.

Flooring comes in a variety of styles, types and price options, choosing a budget is a good starting point when choosing flooring. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the proper flooring product for each application, traffic, moisture and traction are a few.

Choosing the right flooring for the circumstances that are present is of utmost importance, choosing the wrong flooring can have undesired results such as premature wear and even complete flooring failure. We offer the client all the best options for their individual application.


Protects the exterior of the structure from the elements, such as water damage, wind and sun exposure. Siding beautifies the exterior of the home.

Budgets are a good place to start when considering a sidng project since there are a wide variety of exterior fascades available at a wide range of costs. The condition of the exterior of a structure must be or must be made sound before any siding project can commence.

Once the siding choice has been made and the exterior of the property has been propery repaired and prepped the siding installation can begin. Options have been presented to the customer and could include the installation of exterior insulation products, sheathing or even simple house wrap to assist with energy efficiency. We install all siding products consistent with manufacturers recommendations.

These are a few MORE areas that A-Plus Construction has been able to WOW clients and give them stellar results. For these projects below and many more roofing Wichita Falls TX construction work, you’ve got to give Scott Autin a call at (940) 613-6667.


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