Roofing company in Wichita Falls TX | who can do more than roofing repair?

A-Plus Construction is more than just a roofing company in Wichita Falls TX, they are a company provide an excellent standard of craftsmanship every time. A-Plus Construction is more than just a roofing company, they are an all-inclusive home improvement company. A company that focused on providing more than just roofing, but providing, and bath remodels as well as repairs and even smaller projects like installing something, pergola replacing from siding or whatever it may be A-Plus Construction can do it all. Trust the company has over 40 years of experience in doing home improvement, don’t trust just an average Joe to get it done.

A-Plus Construction specializes in roofing, and roofing repair as well as kitchens and bath remodels because if it’s time for you to replace your cabinets, countertops, flooring, it does not matter the remodel that A-Plus Construction does for you is going to be unbelievably amazing and quality which is why they are more than just a roofing in Wichita Falls Texas. It’s really easy to find an average contractor who can come in and begin laying tile near finished there’s no joint line that is straight, some of the cuts on the tiles are not done right and the quality of the finished’s is not what you expected to be. You will not receive treatment like that A-Plus Construction working on your home.

A-Plus Construction themselves to the A+ standard in every job that they do, the A+ standard means that they are going to not only provide you with on time and on budget guarantee. Which means you will be receiving a timeline of when your project should start and finish as well as you and the contractor should have agreed upon a budget for your project. When you did that and signed the contract A-Plus Construction you instantly began receiving an on time and on budget guarantee. Every day a project has gone over time are over budget and is not on target you receive a $25 Texas roadhouse gift card display A-Plus Construction is the leading roofing company in Wichita Falls Texas and leading in home-improvement as well.

There are very few contractors who are able to hold themselves to this standard of excellence that A-Plus Construction holds themselves to. It is also hard to beat having over the years of experience in home-improvement. These when you can perform 1000 project successfully and just over a decade of business while ensuring that the A+ standard is met during every one of those projects you have that is willing to work with their clients and not for the money. No one likes contractor who is greedy and arrogant about their work and ends up underperforming.

So don’t get mediocre work, high quality craftsmanship with an A+ standard from A-Plus Construction and their team of experts. The phone love the quality of work you receive from A-Plus Construction, pick up the phone call 940.613.6667 go to and schedule your free consultation and talk with a professional about your home improvement needs and is exactly what will go into your remodel. You will be holding A-Plus Construction the A+ standard of excellence receiving on time and on budget guarantee in no time.

Roofing company in Wichita Falls TX | can I change the material used for my siding?

How many roofing company in Wichita Falls TX are there that don’t specialize in providing high quality roofing, but can also provide quality home-improvement projects. A-Plus Construction is more than just a roofing company, they are an entire one-stop shop your home-improvement. A-Plus Construction is leaving the Wichita Falls TX area in providing high quality craftsmanship for kitchen remodels, bath remodels and even for just quick summertime touchups like refreshing the paint on the exterior, or changing out the siding on the house. Give the company is going to do it all for you not to part of it for your money.

It is really easy to get a contractor to work for you who is going to post so do the work and take all of the money, because there’s something about an average contractor they always end up leaving you with incomplete work in some way shape or form. It is not worth spending all that money to waste your time and your money at that rate. So if you’re ready to look for new siding material, and get rid of your old one siding, they get a hold of A-Plus Construction and let them come in and give you an on time and on budget guarantee knocking out your siding project and prove to you why they are more than just a roofing company in Wichita Falls TX. So what is in on time and on budget guarantee? It is when A-Plus Construction provides you with a guarantee that your project is done on time and with a budget or you will receive a $25 Texas in-house gift card for every day that it is off target.

A-Plus Construction starts off by holding themselves to an extremely high standard by providing an on time and on budget guarantee, but they also continue to hold the same expectations on their head with the A+ standard build their entire company too. Because it is very that this team of highly skilled contractors is able to provide the best of the best work no matter what. They don’t want to be compared to any other average company, they want to be considered a plus in the quality of work they provide. A-Plus Construction has decided to hold themselves to the A+ standards of their company like providing open communication to the homeowner. And being able to talk about any mistakes, questions that they have in regards to the project as well as being able to provide the on-time and on budget guarantee.

How could a roofing company in Wichita Falls TX be able to hold themselves to all of the standards? And with over 40 years of experience, and an established company for over a decade also providing over 1000 successful projects to the Wichita Falls area is exactly how A-Plus Construction is able to themselves to these expectations and standards. A-Plus Construction does not want to be compared or seen at a mediocre level. So if it’s come down to having to decide between A-Plus Construction or another average Joe, it is best that you decide to call A-Plus Construction and will be let down this time on your home-improvement project.

Your phone love the quality of service and respect that you receive from A-Plus Construction. The on-time and on budget guarantee, and A+ standards that you can hold A-Plus Construction to when they get on sites. There is no better feeling than being able to pick up the phone and call 940.613.6667 or go to to schedule a free consultation and book your next home improvement project with A-Plus Construction. Check out the gallery of the projects that have been held to the A+ standard.