Roofing Wichita Falls TX | Selling Your Home? Step Up Your Curb Appeal!

Are you thinking about selling your home? Then it’s time to step up your curb appeal! A Plus Construction can help you increase your property value while making your neighbors jealous. They didn’t get best Roofing Wichita Falls TX for nothing! With clear communication skills and customizable design, A Plus Construction will give you the remodel of your dreams at an affordable price.

Owner, Scott Autin is dedicated to great customer service. This is proven time and again by his fifty percent repeat customer rate. Scott has over 35 years of construction experience. Over the years he has learned that listening to customers’ wants and needs is extremely important. A careful design that is unique to your style and products made of the highest quality, are all things that Scott strives for in every project. Even things as simple as painting and texture, brick walls and columns can be designed to fit your family’s specific taste. We can create a unique look to match your budget. The exterior of your home will impress everyone that drives by. When considering siding, budgets are a good place to start as there are a wide variety of exterior fascades available in a wide range of costs.

Everyone has driven past that house that has made them say, “Wow!”. That can be your house! A privacy fence can give your property definitive lines that set your house apart from the rest. How about customized double front doors?! Scott is known for a skill set that allows him to plan for the customer’s desired finished product. Intricate design and color coordination are just a few of the compliments he receives on a regular basis for Roofing Wichita Falls TX. Minimal changes can be made to give you the most bang for your buck or you can go for a brand-new look.

Be the go-to for social gatherings under a pergola or gazebo! These beautiful structures are perfect for protection from the elements. They are also incredibly asthetically pleasing to the eye. Imagine gorgeous vines and flowers wrapped around beautiful wood. In the evening, strands of lights bring the vines to life. As the sun sets, you and your friends sit down to watch the fireflies. Your friends will never want to go home!

From Roofing Wichita Falls TX to total home remodels, A Plus Construction is here to meet your needs. Whether its timeliness on the job, clear communication or a customized design, Scott is certain to impress you. Call 940-613-6667 or visit our [email protected] for free consultation. A plus construction works hard to provide people with the best services like roofing Wichita Falls TX. Give us a chance to make your house a home.

Roofing Wichita Falls TX | Wichita Falls Remodeler of Choice

With 40 years of A+ standards, our team is ready to bring your new remodel life!
With our line item checklist for every job, on time scheduled work and on budget guarantee, we have endless ways to bring the A Plus Standard to your home. Roofing Wichita Falls TX has 40 years of leadership experience, dozens of project options to choose from, and open communication about every project! From privacy fencing, flooring, siding and pergolas to a complete remodel, A Plus Construction will give you the unique design you have been looking for.

Experience our on time and on budget service! For every day that our project is off it’s target deadline, we will provide you a twenty-five dollar gift card to Texas Roadhouse. It is our way of saying, “Hey, have a steak dinner on us.” Of course, there are some things that we just can’t change but we want to take responsibility for the things that we can. Check out countless satisfied customer reviews on our website at We also have a five-star rating on Google Review. Our goal is to have the best customer satisfaction of any construction company for Roofing Wichita Falls TX and other services.

Owner, Scott Autin, built this company from the ground up after working construction after the big tornado in Wichita Falls in 1979. Scott continued to learn about construction and work on a construction crew through college. After learning the ins and outs of construction and business, Scott decided that he wanted to do things differently. As he worked for these contractors, he saw many flaws. Materials were not delivered to the job site on time. Disagreements between the contractor and the customer were direct result of failure in communication. Scott knew that he could do better than this and wanted to provide an exceptional service at a fair price.

Now with over 35 years of experience in the construction industry, Scott has nearly a 50% repeat customer rate. Meaning that half of his customers come back for services other than Roofing Wichita Falls TX. In his years of experience, Scott developed a certain skill set that allows him to listen to the customers’ wants and needs and put together a plan that will help us achieve the desired finished product. Scott regularly receives compliments on his designs and color coordination for customized projects. Our goal is to provide services of the highest quality installation possible while keeping the cost at a level that the average homeowner can afford. We want to hear about what kind of project you would like to do and then carefully design it for you, all while keeping your budget in mind. We only use products of the highest quality to ensure that your remodel will last as long as possible.

Our company will complete your project in timely manner while maintaining good communication during the entire duration of the job. All at a fair price.
Let us use our experience and our critical thinking skills to design your dream home today! Call us at 940-613-6667 or visit our website at to schedule a free consultation today! Let us show you why we are the best Roofing Wichita Falls TX!